29th September | SWX

Hailing from New York, Sunflower Bean is a trio of youthful psych-rockers that have taken the year by storm with the release of their sophomore album Twentytwo in Blue – so titled as the every member of the band had turned twenty-two by the date of its release.

It’s an album that saw clear progression for the band, taking the menagerie of sounds that featured on their debut Human Ceremony and refining them, making bolder statements both sonically and lyrically. Though the world may be in uncertain flux, this trio is taking things head on.

It won’t be the band’s first gig in Bristol. Their last appearance just earlier this year saw them hit the decks of Thekla for the second time for a sold-out show, with Sorry in tow. This time, for their SWX show, Miya Folick will be joining the bill, whose critically-acclaimed debut Premonitions released just last month.

Recently teasing ‘Come For Me’ from next year’s highly-anticipated King of Dudes EP, packed with so much infectious groove and vitality it’s hard not to find yourself swept up in the moment, now’s the perfect time to check Sunflower Bean out in their finely-tuned element.

See the video for ‘Twentytwo’ here: