15th October | Crofters Rights

Lysergic Limes have lined up a smorgasbord of a show from all corners of the world, as the sultry, subtly-psychedelic hits of Taiwan’s Sunset Rollercoaster meets the delightfully modern pop of Chicago’s Paul Cherry for a packed line-up at Crofters Rights this Monday.

Sunset Rollercoaster pop their UK cherry on this tour, having released a new record this year in the wonderfully sanguine Cassa Nova. With their atmospheric synths and lovelorn wordplay, the Taiwanese band capture romance, heartbreak and coming-of-age all through some pleasingly-layered textures that veer between funk, yacht-pop and new romanticism. It’s a well considered sound, yet something that isn’t over-thought. In a live setting, it breathes with a vibrant lustrousness.

Cherry – whose debut LP Flavour was also released this year – arrived with a sound packed with humble charm and a copious amount of tender hooks. Bridging the gap between the anxiety of navigating a relationship in the modern day and the nostalgic sounds of mid-70s-style songwriting that’s vibrant and effortlessly smooth, the Chicagoan arrives also on his first UK tour, having blossomed into a desired act from his early days on the DIY scene.

Listen to Sunset Rollercoaster’s ‘Greedy’ here: