Swans | Preview


Since their reformation in 2010, Swans have delivered two of their finest albums to date; 2010’s ‘My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky’, and 2012’s critically-lauded ‘The Seer’. 2014 sees the release of their third, which the band are touring in support of; another intimidating triple LP, ‘To Be Kind’, featuring many of the tracks aired on their last sweep of the UK.

To briefly paraphrase frontman Michael Gira, Swans are beautiful but vicious, which is only too true of the band. Their ferocious, unrelenting music is both harmonious to the ear and uncomfortably loud. Indeed, it is quite possible Swans are one of the loudest bands you will ever hear live. But do not be deterred; their music is built on a loud-soft dynamic of sonic experimentation, which is only enhanced by boundless, unrestrictive sound levels. Think Mogwai or Sonic Youth but creepier.

So if you’re feeling brave, and want to let off some steam, come and see Swans at the Trinity Centre this May. Just remember to bring earplugs.

Watch the madness that is this live version of ‘No Words No Thoughts’ here: