24th October | Louisiana

There’s something hauntingly beautiful about the voice behind the dark dream-pop four-piece band that is Swimming Girls; lead singer, Vanessa Gimenez totally intoxicates you with her stare and sound. Hailing from Bristol itself and being signed by London-based Yucatan Records, these guys (also made up of Max Blunos, Jay Bell and Roo Primrose) are going places with their unique style and memorable stage performances. It’s rare to stand out against so many talented acts on the current scene, but Swimming Girls have managed to impress a range of gig-goers since they first formed when they were all studying separately in Bath.

Their new single, ‘Beneath You’, is as captivating as the rest of their music and their alternative sound gets stronger at each gig; they really have caused a lot of excitement since they first came to attention and the feeling by many people in the music industry is that they will go far. Their free gig at The Louisiana promises to be as delightfully entertaining as their last show there and the shyness yet defiance that Vanessa gives off is refreshingly humble. The band’s obvious inspiration from a rich vein 70s and 80s pop culture is welcome at a time when today’s music can be too safe and mass-produced, and their shows are addictive. Take in this nostalgic sound from Swimming Girls and relish in tunes that remind of you of a golden era of music. Watch this band fly to great heights.

See the video for ‘Beneath You’ here: