24th October | Louisiana

‘Mesmerisingly alluring’ is the most appropriate way of describing Bristol-based band Swimming Girls and their recent sold-out successful gig at The Louisiana. It was the last of their headline free gigs (having also recently performed in London and Bath). The crowd were hanging off every word of lead singer, Vanessa Gimenez. She is just what the music industry needs right now; a strong and yet humble front woman, flanked by equally engaging and talented musicians (Max Blunos, Jay Bell and Roo Primrose).

Their new single ‘Beneath You’ had one of the biggest reactions of the night. Much of the audience were clearly die-hard fans because they knew the words and enthusiastically mouthed them whilst the beat went on. Another crowd-pleaser (and an obvious personal favourite for several people at the show) was indie-pop anthem ‘Back Of Your Car’. It’s not hard to see why it has just hit one million listens on Spotify with deep lyrics such as: “And when the sun is setting, you know that I need you on my team. And I can feel you sweating; your love’s so rough, it’s like the sea.”

Their single, ‘Tastes Like Money’ has equally emotive lyrics, with one particular verse really standing out: “Sweetness drips from your lips in a kiss. It tastes like money. Hold me, you need me by your side. I only want your honey.” Their songs always seem to include cleverly-crafted words. There is no denying the energy that these four members put into conveying the meaning of each track. It’s fair to say that this band is dark dream-pop at its best; you can clearly see that their influences include acts like The Cure, Culture Club and Cyndi Lauper and they are a welcome addition to pop culture as we know it.

They’ve come a long way since they first formed when they were students. It’s truly endearing how grateful they always appear to be whenever they get their inevitable appreciative applause. It’s heart-warming to see how they come across when on stage and there’s a feeling that no matter how successful they go on to be in the music industry, they will never lose their down-to-earth personalities. Their set was short and sweet, and left you wanting more. There’s a real sense of a strong fanbase that will see them through to the destined big time. These guys deserve all the success they will unquestionably achieve.

HMV once called them “a dream-pop delight.” Oh how right you are, well-known music store. Swimming Girls take you on a floaty, musical journey and leave you feeling breathlessly satisfied. Keep your eye on Swimming Girls; as they proved at The Louisiana, they have what it takes to make the big time.