7th November | SWX

Electro-dance-folk duo, Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn, aka Sylvan Esso, were originally booked into The Trinity Centre. As splendid a venue as it would have been for their ethereal, visceral sound, it suggests that they weren’t sure that too many people wanted to come and see them. That might just be the only foot they’ve put wrong all year.

When the venue was scaled up to SWX, they sold that out a long time in advance. Considering that the title of their 2017 album was What Now, the answer to that question seems to involve very large, hysterical and partisan crowds. 

Their songs have distinct substance. Even their quiet songs feel chunky, like ‘Hey Mami’ or ‘Coffee’. The bangers, such as ‘Radio’, ‘Kick, Jump, Twist’ and ‘The Glow’ will be their very own late-seasonal indoor firework display. Expect Guy Fawkes down the front in a sweaty vest.

So – what now, people of Bristol? Scrounge or buy a spare ticket from anyone who won’t rip you off, perhaps. If you are already clutching one eagerly, I suggest having a generally restful Wednesday, carbo-loading like a marathon runner and doing some light warm-up stretches in the early evening. It’s going to be quite a full-body work out.

Check out their single ‘Kick, Jump, Twist’ below: