7th June | Rough Trade

Like the moniker may suggest, there is a surprising amount of depth to explore in the cracks and crevices of Bristol-based Dave Dixon’s Tamu Massif. Supposedly chosen more to reflect the imaginary gang the artist wanted to project, you’d be forgiven for believing there are more figures behind the sheets of this music. Of course, there was once a gang of sorts, though time, geography and preference can often hinder a creative vision and if you have the ability to mould that clay all by yourself, then a form of self-actualisation can be achieved.

With a swirling pallet of electronic and organic influences, Massif paints with thick brush strokes. The skeleton of guitar-based song construction is certainly present beneath the flesh of these creations, though its vascular system runs red with looping electronica and psychedelic flourish, its edges frayed with a twitching lo-fi pulse. With two fantastically received EPs under his belt, stretching across 2015 and 2017 respectively, it seems only a natural progression to make the leap into his first full-length venture in a neat two-year skip. Released through Chiverin this past week, Little Death Summer lands as a dreamy expedition through a matured and impressive landscape that elevates Dixon’s work to a new realm. Celebrating the record’s birth back in Bristol on 7th June, Tamu Massif will bring his story back to its inception at our very own Rough Trade.

See the video for ‘Senses’ here: