27th September | Thekla

This month’s cover stars have honed their live craft intently over the last few years, reflecting the focus and attention evident in their meticulous indie-pop. Teleman are a band who’ve always shown appreciation for the ‘palpable energy’ they receive from Bristolian crowds and will be playing their second show of the month at Thekla next Thursday.

September has been a big a month for them in general, the band dropping their third album, Family of Aliens on the 7th. They’ve pushed themselves as songwriters with each album, and this most recent effort has seen the band develop their approach to their craft. On Aliens the band have incorporated electronic elements further into their sound. This has formed a fitting platform for the band to explore more existential subject matter – alienation and belonging now central themes within their music.

Yet theirs is no dark Reznor-esque exploration of detachment. Though a naturally more inward-looking band, Teleman retain a humour and penchant for the abstract which makes their introspection refreshingly compelling. Title track ‘Family of Aliens’, with its low-key arrangement and midnight reflections from life on the road, is a great starting point for anyone seeking a jumping-off point for Teleman’s phase three. Now with another gem of an album to show off, the band’s next Bristol show will be another opportunity to appreciate one of British indie’s leading lights.

See the video to ‘Cactus’ here: