Tempting Failure 2014 | Preview


Now in its third year, festival of live, noise and performance art Tempting Failure is back across Bristol during 3rd-8th November.

Set to host 50 artists at all career stages, from both the Southwest across the world, the event seeks not only to entertain whilst challenging perceptions of art, but also foster creativity by nurturing independent artists.

In addition to a free-entry programme throughout the city, the week culminates with a spectacular celebration of unique artwork in the form of a two-night stint at The Island on the 7th & 8th. In the setting of this former city police station, it’s set to be an immersive experience of discovering performances in the old cells, holding spaces, exercise yards and more.

Each night will be headlined by an international act — Joke Lanz on the Friday and Hancock & Kelly on Saturday — with tickets starting at £15 in support of the artists via this non-profit platform.

Check out Joke Lanz’s out-there turntable stylings here: