Ten Tonnes // Photoset

2nd February | Thekla

When your brother is rather well known in a particular medium, as is the case with Ethan Barnett, aka¬†Ten Tonnes, you might be forgiven for choosing a different career through life. Another option is forming yet another sibling-based band. Ten Tonnes did neither. He went for it, and by evidence of his Thekla show, it’s paying off. His brother, if you didn’t know is Budapest-forsaking¬†basso profundo grand fromage, George Ezra. Rather popular at present, I hear.

Ten Tonnes took every advantage of the small stage area and close proximity with the crowd. He was always very engaged, taking to time to speak to us, directly addressing audience members. It took a packed and sold-out show and made it more of a intimate experience. He seemed completely at ease to take the time at the end to greet fans and have photographs by the merch stall. In many ways, you could argue that it reminded us that the personal touch and the intimate approach is very much what Ten Tonnes does. Bigger venues may come in time, but is was a pleasure to enjoy his urbane, tuneful company.

See the video for ‘G.I.V.E!’ here: