17th May | Fleece

It’s a hard time to be an indie band. The zeitgeist of popular music has long forgotten the halcyon days of the NME and Camden squats. The last of the old guard have mostly become bloated caricatures of themselves, and as the eternally divisive Johnny Borrell once stated, these memories will be forever tarred as the era of ‘landfill indie’. We just wish he’d release that memo to Razorlight.

Still that’s not to ring the death knell for the carefree chimes of indie-rock; it just needs a re-fit. That’s where The Beths come in. Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, their July 2015 single ‘Idea/Intent’ garnered some much-warranted attention online, taking the best assets of The Libertines, a little of the Wombats and a hint of Karen O to reanimate a genre that had become painfully stagnant.

An independently-released EP the following year, Warm Blood, built massively on the band’s compositional skills, showcasing their lively vocal harmonies and bright, shimmering guitars. Its lead single, ‘Whatever’ acted as the keystone to a sound that was becoming impressively idiosyncratic and generating some much-deserved spins across both Europe and the US.

With the drop of their full-length debut Future Me Hates Me, via Carpark Records last August, The Beths have deservedly enjoyed burgeoning success and carved out their own niche in a genre many thought could not be resuscitated. With a full summer of festival dates and a short UK tour stopping off at The Fleece this month, we can’t recommend catching them enough.

See the video for ‘Uptown Girl’ here: