16th June | Fleece

The Blue Aeroplanes have a long and rich history within the Bristol scene. Forming from the ashes of new age art project, Art Objects, brothers Gerard and John Langley, alongside dancer, Wojtek Dmochowski debuted their new project in 1981 after being active in the community throughout the 1970s. Gaining a following rapidly, the band employed the use of avant garde instrumentation in conjunction with poetic and often spoken-word vocals, to form a beast with limbs firmly rooted in every aspect of the city’s blooming arts movement.

Their self-released debut, Bop Art, dropped in 1984. This saw the band exported to the US, who welcomed their alternative sound with open arms, setting the stage for a run of fantastic records, culminating in 1990’s critically acclaimed Swagger. The band was still prolific throughout the rest of the decade, whilst the zeitgeist of popular music moved swiftly away from the layered and multifaceted world of The Blue Aeroplanes, in favour of the more simplistic and visceral world of grunge. This did little to plug the flow of creativity from their camp, however, with the band settling into a flow of creativity that has pulled back on only a few occasions in the past two decades.

With somewhat of a comeback record released through Art Star Records in 2017, the band have seen a resurgence in popularity, especially in their home country – perhaps due to their influence on a newer wave of artists. With a set promised at Worthy Farm for this year’s Glastonbury Festival, you can catch a warm-up at the much more intimate Fleece on 16th June.

See the video for ‘Here Is The Heart Of All Wild Things” here: