3rd Aug | The Bluetones

It was 1996, Britpop’s full-bloom year, when Mark Morris, Adam Devlin, Scott Morris and Eds Chester of The Bluetones rocked their duffle coats and Oxford shirts running all through the video for their iconic single ‘Slight Return’, catching everyone’s ears with a chorus that bent the new, bombastic course of pop music to a more jangle-y and even psychedelic sound.

Twenty-one years after their platinum breakthrough Expecting to Fly, which stole the #1 chart position from Oasis’ (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, the Bluetones are still at it, in their original line-up — back from a four-year hiatus — and on the road for a lengthy reunion tour that started in late 2015.

With five career-spanning albums to back up their cult hits, this may be the perfect time to revel in some 90s jangle.

Watch the video for ‘Slight Return’ here: