The Bronze Medal ‘Darlings’ | Album Review


For me, The Bronze Medal’s ‘Darlings’ captures those first few weeks after a major breakup when all you want to do is lie on the floor covered in stale Doritos and constantly flick through your ex’s Facebook profile pictures instead of showering (although you know you should delete them from your life altogether). Of course, they don’t express it as crudely as that. Using a magical array of different instruments from woodwind to strings and back again, The Bronze Medal put themselves into the same league of unabashedly emotionally exposed young men as Bon Iver and The Postal Service with an LP so fragile in its strength and so openly sensitive it’s sometimes difficult to listen to. Lyrics like ‘you’ve been making life plans, and I don’t figure in them / Twenty-seven letters, did you even read them?’ make it easy to imagine this man’s heart being smashed with a mallet then attacked by a pack of wild dogs. Despite all the unashamed pathos, ‘Darlings’ doesn’t sound like the end, but like the flickering light at the end of the tunnel (which funnily enough, is the name of the wonderful opening track). Brutally beautiful.

Check out ‘Tunnel’ right here: