The Cribs | Preview


It’s always a pleasure when a band with much bigger capabilities decide to take on an intimate run of shows, and that’s exactly what brotherly trio The Cribs have done.

On their last visit, they left the Academy in a sorry, sodden, mess, screaming for more. This time though, The Jarman brothers are returning to a venue much more familiar with the lager-stained sights of crowd-surfers and mosh pits. Although the peculiar thing is that despite many promises, there hasn’t been any new material since they last played in Bristol. But that only means we’ll be more familiar with the setlist, hopefully hearing classics like ‘I’m A Realist’ and ‘Mirror Kissers’.

I would say hurry to get a ticket, but you’d better scour social media to see if anyone is selling, because it’s been long sold out. Although if you were lucky enough to score one, I’ll see you amongst the front few rows.

Get excited with ‘Come On Be A No-one’ right here: