The Garden | Preview


The Garden are a difficult band to pin down – and rightly so – as they are a band that revel in sonic anarchy and take obvious delight being paradoxical. They describe their sound as ‘predominately dark and sinister’ while at the same time being ‘humorous and cheeky’, ‘powerful and philosophically confounding’ whilst being ‘glib and tricksy, and in their own way they seem to achieve this.

With obvious roots in punk, their sound seems more conceptual than classically punk all the while paying homage to other genres, weaving them into the complex tapestry of their own experimental sound. Along with echoes of math-rock sparseness, their track ‘Cloak’ has bursts of frenetic sound that’s almost like early Prodigy, whereas ‘We Be Grindin’ has an almost fractured hip hop sensibility merged with faint echoes of skate-punk, and their song ‘Lesson 1’ being almost Death Grips-y in nature.

Each of The Garden’s songs seem to be an experiment in how to push their music away further and further from any boundaries, yet at the same time they categorise themselves in their own genre ‘Vada Vada’ a term the twin duo invented to encapsulate their gothy outbursts of sound. The Garden’s entire sound seems to be based on a well balanced musical contradiction; Raw dirty vocals and cymbal heavy drums creates a sense of punk-like immediacy, whereas the space created by the electronic elements generates a nuanced depth to their music. This electrifying bass and drum duo, twins Fletcher and Wyatt Shears, will be gracing The Louisiana on the 12th of December and will definitely be one to remember.

Check out ‘What We Are’ right here: