The Go! Team | Live Preview

Go! Team
The Go! Team

22nd January | Rough Trade

High-energy and lo-fi, The Go! Team are bringing their rowdy psych-punk to Rough Trade as part of a nationwide tour, performing in Bristol just days after new album, Semicircle, is set to launch. If the singles are anything to go by, Semicircle is a characteristic curveball from a band that made their name delivering a fresh sound with every new album.

The Brighton six-piece smashed the airwaves in 2005 with their debut Thunder, Lightning Strike, which picked up a Mercury Prize nomination, and made waves across the pond with their breakout single ‘The Power is On’. Always fun and never aloof, their sound has the eclectic vibrancy of Primal Scream, and their catchy schoolyard hooks have a Gwen Stefani feel to them. Moving away from the laid-back psychedelic tone of their last couple of albums, the two lead singles from Semicircle promise a mini-carnival, with broad brassy textures and cheerleader chants from their magnetic MC, Ninja.

They are one of the first artists to perform in the Live Room at the brand new Rough Trade, the hugely popular London-born store and label that gave us top releases from acts like The Smiths and The Raincoats. The gig will prove an interesting litmus test for the fifth and most recent of Rough Trade’s outposts, which popped up in December, to fill the (dearly departed) Rise Records-sized hole in Bristol’s musical soul. While a band as established as The Go! Team doesn’t quite hit the venue’s mark of being a place to “discover new sounds,” to see how the brand-new Go! Team line-up performs ought to prove a strong draw and a punchy start to the weekend.

Watch the video for ‘Semicircle Song’ here: