26th January | Thekla

Returning to the UK in support of their album, Goodness, The Hotelier are just as ambitious and definitive as ever.

Definitive in that their previous album, Home, Like No Place Is There, was a lesson in current wave emo rock with explicit lyrics about death, being wronged by both sexes and guitar hooks that begged for the audience to thrash about to. Now, the three piece from Massachusetts look for hope and hobble towards the lighter side of humanity with a rock sound that is still emotional and less traditional, but produced to hold up over time.

The more you listen to and think about The Hotelier, the more you start to appreciate them as a rock band. In turbulent times, bands like The Hotelier feel thematically like the traditional punks and rock groups of the 60’s and 70’s, only now the rock anthems are tinged with a different kind of urgency and reflection.

On Goodness, songs like ‘Goodness Pt. 2’ open the album hauntingly and feel like a punch to the stomach, but, in a live performance, they are potentially the heaviest tracks you will hear from any band. ┬áThis show will be a musical performance in the purest sense; the group will showcase not just songs they’ve recorded but themselves and how their music changes with them.

Tickets are available here. Check out the video for ‘Piano Player’ below.