The Jim Jones Revue | Interview


Whiskey, tears and all the rest, the shows will be electric.

Over their somewhat short career, The Jim Jones Revue have managed to reach crowds on a global scale. Now the band are set to call it a day and turn to new things; but that’s not before a thumping farewell tour.

So after seven years, you’re soon set to embark on a farewell tour, tell us a little bit about the decision?

Well, there’s the short story and the long story, but both have the same ending. Everybody’s ready to do other things. We’re all very proud of the work we’ve done with the JJR and rather than let it fizzle out we all agreed to give it one last blast and draw a clean line under it. I’m really looking forward to these dates.

It will no doubt be an emotional goodbye?

My god; whiskey and tears and all the rest, I can feel a large cleaners bill coming on already, the shows will be absolutely electric!

Reflecting on your career could you pinpoint some clear highlights?

There’s been so much great stuff that it’s hard to cover it all, but some of the obvious things that spring to mind are…

The first BBC radio play – the first LP is such a noisy record and to hear it played alongside super slick high budget productions was great!

We did a lot of radio sessions that were a real blast and we owe a lot to some of key supporters like Steve Lamacq, Marc Riley, Mark Lamarr, Lauren Laverne, Danielle Perry, and John Kennedy who’ve all had us on for numerous sessions.

We did some great stuff in France; early on in the band’s career we were playing small clubs in London and going out to France the following week to play in front of thirty thousand people; we did our first TV stuff there for Canal + which was amazing, then of course the Jools Holland show in London, and David Letterman in New York , all fantastic experiences!

There were too many incredible live shows to mention… but the Big Day Out tour in Australia alongside Nick Cave’s Grinderman, Iggy and the Stooges, Wolfmother, Rammstein, and Primal Scream was particularly special!

In the past you’ve spoken about the intention of channelling a certain rock and roll spirit, would you say you’ve managed to achieve that?

I don’t see it as something you do and it’s done, I see it more as an ongoing process… that is what’s taking place on the inside; what happens on the outside is more a thing for the eye of the beholder, I mean it’s not for me to say. I know we’ve reached a few people in our time, there’s a special chemistry with the JJR and that’s something that’s beyond our own input or control, it just happens.

You mentioned doing other things, beyond this tour will there be new projects?

There’ll always be something happening; music is what makes me bearable to be around; it’s what gets me up in the morning; I’d be in trouble without it… I’m working on some stuff now that hopefully you’ll hear about soon.

Lastly, what’s the biggest thing Jim Jones Revue has taught you?

Work harder than you think you need to and don’t take no for an answer.

JJR play Bristol’s Trinity Centre on 1st Oct.

Check out ‘Seven Times Around The Sun’ right here: