The Lawrence Arms | Live Review


The band deliver a well thought-out fan-pleasing setlist proving they will always have a following in Bristol.

A band that has been together for fifteen years and counting, there is no doubt The Lawrence Arms know how to put on a good show, with their literal lyrical rambling, solid punk rock and occasional drunken on stage antics. While on the UK leg of their tour the band headlined The Fleece, they exclaimed their excitement “It’s so great to play a real club again!” before they jumped straight into their set. It was great to see the sea of faces singing along with songs that are ten years old like ‘Quincentuple your Money’ and those that came out last year like ‘You Are Here’ and ‘Seventeener’, which both featured around the mid-way point of the set.

Between the mosh pits, stage-divers and crowd-surfers Brendan Kelly spent most of his time front and centre, crouched over shouting out his lines into the front row while Chris McCaughan maintains a solid stance on his side of the stage but upping the energy when the song calls for it. Only pausing briefly to quickly tune or crack a joke. They hammered out song after song; the most well received tracks came from their previous album release ‘Oh! Calcutta!’, with just the opening duff notes of ‘The Devil’s Taking Names ‘the room exploded (a fight even broke out amongst the mosh pit) and I’m pretty sure the whole room shouted “And you told me that you loved me!” during ‘Are You There Margaret? It’s Me God’.

Brendan’s speech exposing the plan to do a fake encore saw the band play straight through their last couple of songs. Ending with no bullshit as promised the band definitely delivered a well thought-out, fan-pleasing setlist with the reactions to both new and old songs proving that they will always have a following in Bristol.

Check out ‘You Are Here’ from the latest album: