The Leisure Society // Photoset

19th May | Fleece

There’s a line in Othello about wearing your heart on your sleeve and not caring whether the birds peck at it or not. Four centuries later, The Leisure Society took up that approach and ran with it – or maybe swam with it, against the tides of life and, of music’s transient fads. Their folky chamber-pop has always had, ‘this is us/this is our sound’ variety to it. It was refreshing to see them back after time away from the spotlight, being their best selves at The Fleece. With new material from their recent album, Arrivals & Departures sounding as fondly homely as their back catalogue, it felt as communal, compassionate, creative and beneficial as any ‘society’ ought to (politicians, take note).

See the video for ‘A Bird, A Bee, Humanity’ here: