15th December | Louisiana

It doesn’t matter whether you’re seasonally-affected, or just hanging from too much pre-Christmas excess already. You may well be genuinely ‘Too Tired To Sleep’ but if you agree that “a change is as good as a rest,” as The Malago Ballroom sing on ‘The Guilt Again’, then one place where you could spice up your life would certainly be their show at The Louisiana this Saturday night.

It’s their biggest hometown headline show to date and it celebrates one year of being a band and the release of the EP, In Between Lives. It may not be quite as biblically epic as returning to Bethlehem on the 25th, but Bristol on the 15th promises to be uplifting and some form of quasi-spiritual experience nonetheless, especially with the nutritious Breakfast Records pairing of Slonk and Pork Pie in support.

If you were to tell me that The Malago Ballroom sound like a 90s indie band, I’d agree with you wholeheartedly. I’d also add that a) that’s a bloody good thing and b) they’re a solid testament to the maxim that fashion is transient, but style is timeless. Seasoned Bristolians will tell you that the River Malago is a tributary of The River Avon. What the Malago Ballroom can feed into the city’s musical culture in the years to come has the potential energy to be a torrent, rather than a trickle.

See the video to ‘The Guilt Again’ here: