21st April | Bierkeller

Since their 2007 debut, The Menzingers have held a firm spot in the world of rock and in 2012 cemented themselves as one of the standard bearers for the genre with the release of their critically acclaimed album, On the Impossible Past. Now, with their fifth and most recent full length release, After the Party,  the band cross a thematic and temporal precipice into the world of post-30 punk rock.

The punk rock nature of their music and performances, blended with relatable and complex lyrical themes which drive the music forward and infuse an energy that many critics mislabel as ‘weariness’. A genre normally reserved for the angst-ridden youth, rebellion and couch surfing, The Menzingers turn ageing frustrations into lyrics tinged with sarcasm and introspection to produce rock music that resonates with everyone from every demographic.

Even the opening track of After The Party, ‘Tellin Lies’, declares, “What we gonna do now that our twenties are over?” and the following songs only ramp up this existential crisis, there is a constant and ever-lingering focus on what all of this means right now, in this very moment. As a result, this record, and The Menzingers in general, are built for live performances and touring.

Check out the video for ‘After The Party’ below.