The Moons ‘Mindwaves’ | Album Review


The Moons know where they want their listener to be. At worst, Mindwaves will take fans back to a jauntier time where this kind of psychedelic sci-fi Brit-pop was commonplace. At best, tracks like the groove-laden ‘Vertigo’ and ‘Bodysnatchers’ might take you off to a different planet entirely; one of those kitsch near-earths with creaky sets, fish-bowl-headed astronauts and rubbish alien costumes.

It’s as authentic as they come and clearly done with love for 60’s and 70’s glam, all with a harder modern indie edge. There are dancefloor stormers like ‘Fever’ and ‘All In My Mind’ peppering the first half. These tracks will have your toes tapping and McCartney-bobs bobbing, but there are also moments where The Moons strain to keep your attention in the final act. Fortunately the experience is anchored with the powerful one-two combo of ‘Rage and Romance’ and ‘On The Moon’. The two songs couldn’t be more at odds with one another; ‘Rage and Romance’ a direct and honed four minutes of indie rock, ‘On The Moon’ a meandering high-concept ballad, but together they make for a memorable closing.

‘Mindwaves’ it’s a charming throwback record, recalling everything from contemporary Brit-rockers like Beady Eye and the Cribs back to the original British invasion. Match this with a fuzzed up sci-fi aesthetic and you have the sonic equivalent of George Harrison in Tom Baker’s scarves battling a Cyberman.

Check out ‘On The Moon’ right here: