15th July | Trinity

What to do when your band reaches its tenth birthday? Kiwi indie-poppers, The Naked and Famous have gone for reinvention. Though their cynical name may suggest a bubbling underground indie band, as was the case in their early days, The Naked and Famous soon burst out of Auckland onto the UK and US album charts. Their dreamy summer sound fitted the tone of the late 2000s so snugly. Their savagely catchy hit, ‘Young Blood’ (trust me, even if you don’t know it, you know it) found itself accompanying every presumably long-awaited TV kiss and Into The Wild-meets-90210 camera advert.

Ten years and three albums later, The Naked and Famous have halved their band and put out a stripped-down and slightly world-weary cover of Young Blood. Now that the charts have eschewed those pre-recession indie anthems about the freedom of youth for pulsing electro-bangers or downtempo acoustic ponderings, The Naked and Famous have chosen to follow the latter. Just the two lead singers (Alisa Xayalith and Thom Powers) are touring a stripped singer/songwriter-y feel around Europe.

They’ll be visiting Oldmarket’s Trinity Centre, a church once built to reduce local crime, now a multi-functional performance space. It’s sure to lend an extra note of atmosphere to The Naked and Famous’ A Still Heart tour.

See the video for ‘Young Blood (Stripped)’ here: