The Nude Party // Live Review & Photoset

13th May | Hy-Brasil

Photos: Lorenzo Ottone

When a band is called such a promising name, the expectations can’t be low for sure. Luckily, these North Carolina garage-rockers stick to their stage name and turn Hy-Brasil into a 60s American frat party. Having started their UK tour with short festival sets, The Nude Party can finally unleash all their potential with a muscular full set, covering most of their self-titled debut album.

Their sound is an explosive, electrifying and buzzing blend of 60s British beat and US garage-rock with a pinch of glam and swamp blues thrown in the mix. The best thing is that The Nude Party really look the part, with their eclectic fashion take on 60s West Coast freaks and New York proto-punks. They sound as tight on stage as only those bands who have been jamming for years do. The Nude Party did, in fact, make themselves a name for throwing wild house gigs in North Carolina well before entering a recording studio for the first time.

Although proposing a distinctively 60s sound, The Nude Party sound totally genuine and fresh, just as much as early Strokes did. Instead of falling into the easy trap of the ‘mod dad’, nostalgic pub music circuit, The Nude Party effortlessly manage to make 60s British Invasion hip again to the eyes of indie kids.

Most of their songs may indulge too much on riffs borrowed from The Kinks, as witnessed by the uplifting cover of ‘Sitting on My Sofa’, showing all the band’s love for fuzzy guitars and firing Hammond organ. However, it’s actually percussion that makes the ultimate difference on stage. Congas, tambourines and maracas add a Spanish Harlem and Latin energy to the set, linking South American influences to the sunshine pop sound.

Hy-Brasil’s intimate stage turns the venue into a frat party scene from a psychedelic B-movie where The Nude Party are the fictional band providing the deafening. You’d truly expect John Belushi to crash into the room and smash a beer can on his forehead, before starting a mosh pit. The band, though, makes up for it by calling a fan to inject some vape smoke into the guitarist’s Gretsch, before closing the set with the infectious swamp garage of ‘Chevrolet Van’.

See the video for ‘Chevrolet Van’ here: