March 2nd | SWX

After a whirlwind couple of years following the release of their debut album, Silver Dollar Moment, The Orielles are finally back with some sweet new songs to freak out to. Experts in post-disco punk, their second album, Disco Volador due to be released in just a few days’ time, can be expected to be a mind-bending experience for all, providing the perfect soundtrack for anybody that’s looking to start the week with a night of celestial disco grooving.

Inspired by the modern streaming culture they’ve grown up in, they embrace genre-hopping, with each new release challenging the norms of the humdrum ‘indie rock’-shaped box that they clearly have no interest in being confined to. The Orielles base their sound on anything which lets them let loose and lets them dance, from post-punk to dance-funk. They carry the spirit of dance culture in their music.

Their cosmic energy and psychedelic instrumentals will send you to new planets, making you dance in ways you’d never imagined. With tracks like ‘Come Down on Jupiter’ offering ethereal vocals and ‘Space Samba’ with its trademark Orielles up-tempo funk, the latest tour is tailored to those searching to be transported past the clouds and to that disco beyond the stratosphere.

With a solid 6 Music following already, the band are only just getting started, their experimental sound getting stronger with each release and each show. With a kaleidoscopic night of dancing and good times assured, The Orielles are not a band you’ll want to miss. Catch them on Earth before they begin their voyage to the much cooler planets they’ve always been destined for.

See the video for ‘Come Down on Jupiter’ here: