The Orwells | Preview


The Orwells probably have the combined age of one of the Rolling Stones, but they’re already causing a stir. Currently supporting Arctic Monkeys on their US tour and set to embark on the Weezer Cruise, this bunch of teenagers from Illinois write unpatriotic, charged garage rock songs and they’re shooting themselves into the spotlight with their unpredictable live shows.

Their polarising Letterman performance of killer single ‘Who Needs You’ earlier this month sees fuzzy-haired singer Mario Cuomo missing out a whole verse because he’s too busy with his Jarvis-like hip-thrusting on the floor, meanwhile guitarist Matt O’Keefe breaks every single string on his guitar. Brilliant.

It seems Orwells have it all; catchy choruses, riffs that will infiltrate your brain for days, and a refreshing, genuine spontaneity. They take on Thekla on the 1st of March. This isn’t one to miss.

Catch recent single ‘Dirty Sheets’ here, and download the infectious ‘Other Voices’ EP for free on their website.

Check out the video for ‘Dirty Sheets’ right here: