The Polyphonic Spree | Preview


The Polyphonic Spree is so much more than just ‘the band that was on Scrubs one time’ or ‘the band that does the music for the Sainsbury’s adverts’. Put simply, they are a phenomenon and must be seen to be believed. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, The Spree is returning to Bristol for what is set to be a magical night of ‘choral symphonic rock’.

Following the release of their fifth studio album ‘Yes, It’s True’ last year, this gargantuan group are back on tour and will be performing at Trinity Centre on June 10th. The unrivalled acoustics of the venue are seemingly custom made for the sometimes haunting, often bellowing howls of the collective. The Polyphonic Spree’s sound can be compared to the likes of Flaming Lips and Grandaddy while maintaining a phenomenal stage presence not dissimilar to Arcade Fire.

You would be forgiven for believing that the band’s appearance is akin to a cult. Every band member is emblazoned with a long robe and their leader Tim DeLaughter orchestrates the collective like some crazed demigod, channelling the spiritual messages of a higher being from the front of the stage. The Polyphonic Spree are like no one else. For seasoned fans this show promises to be a treat but for those new to the band, you will have seen nothing like it before. We live in a culture of conveyor-belt X Factor garbage but The Polyphonic Spree is one of the few bands out there doing something truly original. Go witness their unique craft for yourself.

Check out live favourite ‘You Don’t Know Me’ right here: