The Rupees ‘Extravaganza’ | EP Review

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Flashback 80s-style John Travolta and Blues Brothers charisma, it’s always a party with indie rockers The Rupees, leaving you, as they describe ‘whacked, cracked, rocked and rolled’.

‘Extravaganza’, the Bristol five-piece’s new EP, is a rock-tastic jack-in-a-box that simply bursts into life. One moment the unsubtle riffs, sonic twangs and lead synths bamboozle you; the next you’re swirling to the atmospheric organ tones, bass grooves and jagged rockband themes. These three tracks, ‘Extravaganza’, ‘Nobodies’ and ‘Ego’, all ooze enough rock‘n’roll goodness to keep your hearts and feet dancing.

Check out ‘Extravaganza’ right here: