17th February | Thekla

It’s set to be a huge year for music born in the North as we see the return of many of the mid-noughties classic indie bands to the scene, and The Sherlocks have made sure that they won’t get left behind when it all kicks off.

Smashing their way out of Sheffield, the band have already attracted their own cult following, aptly nicknamed the ‘Sherlock Army’, whose enthusiastic chants will ensure that you’ll never be in for a quiet night. Not that there would be need for one, with an energetic roster of singles behind them including the ever so catchy ‘Live For The Moment’ and ‘Will You Be There?’ The quartet are a blast of nostalgic indie at its very best.

Reminiscent of The Courteeners and The Enemy, The Sherlocks have already crushed it on the festival scene last summer, and continue to sell out venues with their soaring choruses and unforgettable riffs. They’ll certainly be living for the moment when they play Thekla this Friday, and no doubt the Sherlock Army will be out in true force.

Check out the video for ‘Will You Be There’ below.