25th October | Trinity

In their decade-long career, London’s The Skints have both rejuvenated and reimagined the historic airs of British reggae, ska and dancehall in their own idiosyncratic manner. Formed from humble beginnings back in 2007, their dedicated schedule of non-stop gigging provided the young band with enough buzz and hype to catapult their offerings to national radio, most notably in the form of the iconic Mike Davies’ late-night Punk Show. This exposure to Britain’s punk scene vastly expanded the band’s outreach and ultimately led to a tour support slot with the then highly-acclaimed The King Blues for their second album launch.

Off of the back of this grand exposure, The Skints went on to form personal and professional relationships with several well-respected punk and alternative acts, such as Sonic Boom Six and The Slackers, cementing the band’s reputation as not only solid musicians but figureheads of the UK alternative scene.

Several years on, and with a few critically-acclaimed singles under their collective belt, the band released their most ambitious record to date, 2011’s Part & Parcel. In keeping with The Skints’ punk roots, the record was partially funded by their fans’ financial backing, with the band offering multiple perks for assistance in the production of their most passionate record to date.

Now over a decade after their inception, The Skints have earned their status as one of the most respected acts within their scene, though this respect has only stoked the creative fire beneath the outfit.

See the video for ‘Armageddon’ (feat. Runkus) here: