The Taskers | Hogs From Hell


Brother and sister rock band from Stafford, The Taskers, consists of Sophie Bret Tasker and Jack BC Tasker. In early 2012, Jack was offered a support slot for a local band and, upon accepting, he asked his sister to back him up on drums, having grown tired of playing his folky songs. Sophie accepted with the strict condition that they duo write new songs, rather than play Jack’s ‘fruity acoustic ones’.

The Taskers recorded their first album ‘Not To Be Played Or Tested’ in the summer of 2012 with the help of local film makers to create a Wes Anderson inspired film based around the lead track from the album, ‘Catherine.’ Two years on sees the release of the duo’s fifth album Rat Residence (including their new single ‘Hogs From Hell’), released in February 2014 – a darker album which mixes both the acoustic and rock sides of the band.

Stream ‘Hogs From Hell’ right here: