The Trans-Antarctic Expedition ‘Self-Titled’ | EP Review


When you take a group of music students and provide them with open recording facilities, the result could wind up in any direction; but in essence, that element of surprise is something beautiful.

The Trans-Antarctic Expedition are exactly that. Hailing from UWE, their debut EP is the culmination of many fresh minds bringing exciting ideas, both new and old, to the table. Led proudly by vocalist Dom Brown, the seven-piece are striving for something contemporary by means of quite traditional instrumentation.

‘The Onion Twins’ not so much kicks things off, but rolls in with lazy trumpets, setting a reclined tempo from which things can only hasten. With the listener in an easy state of mind, things then take a brighter turn as ‘The Octopus’ introduces some surrealism, “the octopus in all of us raises its weary head”, sings Brown with a dandy charm.

There’s an overall positivity to this release that makes you wonder if the songs were written while slinking around during the summer months. These musicians should be proud having plunged into university and embraced what’s at hand — already a strong contender on the folk circuit, this release is sure to amplify their intentions.

Stream the EP right here.