The Twilight Sad | Live Review


When they took to the stage, several people around me took the liberty of inserting earplugs.

The Twilight Sad certainly aren’t strangers to Bristol at this point, bordering on double digits for shows if the statistic hasn’t tipped already. Their audience, at a rough guess, would consist more exclusively of die-hard fans than not who already know the score. Therefore, there’s a high level of expectation that comes along with their shows. Did they meet these expectations? And how!

Despite running late due to soundchecks, once inside the venue, the only way was up. Tour support Man Of Moon were truly testament to the less is more formula. The duo delivered an impeccably tight half hour set filled with all the majestic swells and forlorn croons that couldn’t have made for a more perfect match.

When The Twilight Sad took to the stage, several people around me took the liberty of inserting earplugs: we expect loud and we get loud in return. Opening on highlights from their latest album, ‘There’s a Girl in the Corner’ and ‘Last January’ respectively, it’s clear to see why the band placed on so many end of year lists. The intensity vocalist James Graham brings to every performance is truly incredible to behold, but on the evening, it was almost disturbing in equal measure. He threw himself so completely into the raptures of his music that it was impossible not to be mesmerised by the spectacle.

The selection of new and old material was really great to see too. Highlights from the evening included 2010 stand alone single ‘The Wrong Car’, ‘And So I Darken The Memory’ from their critically acclaimed debut, and the cold, stark and synth-heavy ‘Alphabet’.

Perhaps The Twilight Sad aren’t going to expand their fanbase substantially in the foreseeable future – arena tours would be deserved, if unexpected – but provided they continue along the path they’re following, their loyal and new attendees worldwide shouldn’t be disappointed.

Check out ‘Another Bed’ right here: