The Used | Preview


Whether you were into emo the first time around, there’s no denying it’s sustainability of late. With emo-inspired offerings from the likes of Prawn and Modern Baseball as well as the recent resurgence of American Football, it seems the genre is stronger than ever. So, it comes as no surprise that everyone from Taking Back Sunday to Hoobastank have announced new albums with sell-out tours across Europe and the US. Fans of the mentioned will no doubt be pleased to hear that another favourite, The Used are heading to the O2 Academy on February 22nd.

Whilst they shy away from the label, the band have accumulated a mass of emo fans ever since the release of their self-titled album back in 2002. Featuring songs ‘Buried Myself Alive’ and of course, the mega hit and inspiration for many-a-MSN-messanger name, ‘I’m Not Okay’, the now-quartet have continued to please with their post-hardcore offerings. Having recently released their latest record Imaginary Enemy back in 2014 via their own label GAS Union, the band set their sights on a more clean-cut approach but with that same in-your-face aesthetic we’ve grown to love them for. Vocalist Bert McCraken still has that special something, with last year’s single ‘Cry’ becoming a hit among the more well-known classics. Expect shout-a-longs and 20-somethings reliving their teenage angst for what will be a welcome blast from the past.

Check out ‘Buried Myself Alive’ right here: