2nd February | Crofters Rights

A warm hum rings through the recording of ‘I Don’t Know What To Say’, one of the many highlights on The Weather Station’s latest, self-titled album. It resonates as much as the delectable array of instruments that appear across the record, not only an environmental ingredient but an element that acts as a singular, effortless mechanism, evoking the sense of isolation that reverberates within it. Across four albums, Tamara Lindeman has always conjured a notion of strong individuality and, on evidence of tracks like this, her comprehensive and resolute exposition is bolder than ever, with thriving reaction. Now bringing the album out on tour, a set at The Crofters Rights is the perfect opportunity to delve within Lindeman’s powerful subtlety.

Joining The Weather Station will be Red River Dialect, fellow label mates of the group at Paradise of Bachelors. A scintillating six-piece who release their new album Broken Stay Open Sky on the day of the show, their music is a raw combination of rooted folk tendencies and psychedelic, cavernous layers. The group blossom within a live setting, having preferred to explore the unlimited possibilities of recording mainly within such an arrangement. It allows them to evoke their true character and resolve – bright, untainted melodies, yearning vocals and a spontaneous nature. The band will provide a nurtured and wholesome opening set, matching the bold spirit that The Weather Station exhibit.

The power of the songs on The Weather Station will truly come to the fore live, whether as performed by a full group or Lindeman alone. As she explores the very precipice of happiness and disarray, through her unequivocally open lyricism and broad appreciation of musicianship, the nature of the setting will come into play. Don’t be surprised when you embrace the warm hum that once again fills the room and kindles the understated sharpness of Tamara Lindeman’s work.

See the video for ‘Thirty’ here: