2nd June | Old England

There is possibly not a more unwavering and relentless band as London garage-punks, Thee MVPs. For as long as you or I could possibly remember, they’ve stuck to their guns and toured an obscene amount since they first turned up out of the Thames six years ago, landing on the US and Europe more times than their visas should allow and having an absolutely storming time while doing it. So you might question just how they’ve kept it going when you hear just how riotous this band are; they are sons of the best kind of rock n roll, demonic punk-fuelled riff bandits. Since the release of their first proper full-length a couple of years back, they have somehow become even louder, yet developed even more sensibility with a melody.

Before they head out with Castle Face favourites, Flat Worms next month, they are high-tailing it down to The Old England for what will undoubtedly be the sweatiest and most uncompromising show the pub’s hosted in a hot minute. Local noiseniks, Radiators are going to be in support, before the lads make it more balmy than your casual early May bank holiday. Paying less than a penny, you can’t go wrong on a Saturday night with Thee MVPs.

Hear Thee MVPs play ‘Sesh’ here: