You’re likely either to have an unexpected chunk of time on your hands at the moment or a regular need to soothe your frazzled mind with something that’s not going to leave you feeling regretful and self-loathing the next morning. So praise be for Thekla, who are about to put out the third in their Isolation Discs podcasts on Wednesday April 15th, featuring Adam Devonshire, aka Dev from IDLES. The episode promises musings on “IDLES early years, awards ceremonies, dealing with poor mental health whilst on tour, music videos, DJ sets and Dev’s naughty cat.”

Episodes one and two feature Gardna and Elles Bailey respectively and can be found via the links below. The series reminds us well that we’re still part of a strong and supportive community and that music is part of what will help us through the weirdness of the way we currently live. Let’s envision a day when we’re shoulder to shoulder below decks again at Thekla and let that be ample motivation to persevere and stay positive.

Find the Isolation Discs Podcast at:

Mixcloud: HTTPS://BIT.LY/2V75POQ
Soundcloud: HTTPS://BIT.LY/2V4Y4JH
Apple Podcasts: HTTPS://APPLE.CO/3AWEUMQ
Google Podcasts: HTTPS://BIT.LY/2VHVG1U

See IDLES play ‘Danny Nedelko’ at last year’s Glastonbury here: