Words: Eva Lazarus

The fact that in 2018 people still approach me and without one single word or even eye-contact walk right up to me and put both hands into my Afro is insane.

Just in case you’re reading this and you’re the sort of person that would do this, it’s not a compliment, it’s not okay and you need to stop.

People need to stop losing their senses when they see Afro hair.

They need to stop grabbing fistfuls of braids and asking “Is this fake hair!?”

Or touching people’s dreadlocks and asking how/if they wash them and  asking Black people with straight hair “Is that a wig or a weave?”

Just leave people alone.

We don’t want to give our life story to everyone who stops us to talk about how and why we wear our hair like this and how we look after it. GOOGLE IT!

If you love my hair just say “I love your hair” and keep it moving.

I love compliments and you don’t need to touch my hair to give me that.

I know I’m not alone in this, I know that other POC have these experiences and it’s honestly exhausting.

There are lots of magical things about being a black woman, one of my favourites is the thick soft curls I’ve been naturally blessed with.

I love that my hair is so diverse! I can wear braids, cornrows, twist out, a wash and go and 100 other styles with my hair.

It’s political without doing anything other than existing and it smells like a floral shea butter dream.

I felt like it was ugly, frizzy and unprofessional when I was younger because of a lack of representation in the media for natural hair.

It took a long time to love it but now I live for these bouncy natural tresses, I love to see so many people accepting their natural hair as beautiful and wearing it with pride!

If you love it too then I am here for it, thank you, but please, use your words.

Don’t touch my hair.

Big voice, big bass and big hair is what multi-genre Singer/MC Eva Lazarus is all about. Her newest collaborative release with Jus Now, ‘Hair Flip’ is out now.