Keeping the D(IY) in Deadpunk

Dave Campbell talks of the importance of doing Deadpunk on his own terms and keeping it as inclusive as possible.

Six years seems to have passed by in a flash. When I was first approached about doing Deadpunk it seemed a bit of a mad idea, but a cool opportunity to get a load of bands I liked to Bristol for one day, and that’s pretty much how it’s stayed all the way through till now.

I used to tour a lot, and as such would get to see so many awesome people fairly regularly. With age comes responsibility and now I don’t tend to get away from Bristol so much, so for me, Deadpunk has become as much a music festival as a big get together of likeminded people; giving everyone a chance to catch up over shared interests and for some to indulge a little too much in Bee Sting.

As ever, the ride continues and in recent years I’ve felt it more and more important to try and be as inclusive and diverse as we can; trying to break away from the cliché of beer, beards and lads and opening it up to bands who might not ordinarily come under the term “punk” but fit in with the mindset and attitude of DIY culture and getting things done.

This year one of our venues, The Stag & Hounds, is closing, which brings an end to the format we’ve enjoyed since day one. It’s pretty gutting for the city to lose such a vital venue as The Stag & Hounds, and I’m hopeful that those working there will continue to be involved in the city’s live music culture. Without the team at The Stag, this event wouldn’t be half of what it is and I’d have a lot less hair and be far more stressed out.

We’re embracing the change though – we’ve got some plans that’ll blow your socks off for 2018!

Deadpunk Special takes place on 6th May at The Exchange and The Stag and Hounds. Head to the Facebook event for more info.