Thoughts with – U SUCK: “Since U Been Gone”

Been ditched recently? Still can’t believe the world is the cesspit fire that it is? Not ready for Valentine’s Day to sink its hooks into your tired and disgruntled heart? Well fear not friends, as February 14th doesn’t have to be the hell-fire of cute couples, overpriced set-menus and cheesy, cliched cards. It can be one of the most empowering days of the year, if you have the right soundtrack.

Lucky for us, pop stars a-plenty have produced some of the best screw-you tracks that’ll have you forgetting about your heartache in no time. Breakup bangers have the ability to make us feel like a million dollars, like that chorus was crafted especially for you to shout at your best mate at 2am after several jagerbombs.

Arguably, your number one choice should be Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since U Been Gone’. A tale of just about every fuckboi you accidentally dated in uni, Clarkson will have you shoving their belongings into a microwave and never looking back.

Second up, you should mix some sadness with your sass, as in Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’, the tear-inducing, solidarity song of the ages. A low-key cult classic, it describes helplessness and longing with sheer pop perfection and will rid you of all those sobs you’ll have to get out at some point. Lastly, Beyoncé is pretty much the Queen of breakup bangers. From ‘Single Ladies’ and ‘Irreplaceable’, to her latest tracks on the phenomenal Lemonade, she’ll have you wielding a baseball bat and feeling like the flawless, independent person that you are. Stand-out cut ‘Sorry’ will make you feel like anything but apologetic; it’s an anthem for throwing your deuces up and telling him boy, bye.

So pals, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, don’t be down – get down.

Sammy is one half of U SUCK, a club night of breakup bangers and power anthems to help you get over your crappy ex. Catch their next night at London’s Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, 17th February. Check out their top track ‘Since U Been Gone’ below.