Three Kings High ‘Hail’ | Album Review


Explosive, electrifying and replete in rocking waves, Bristol six-piece Three Kings High present their first album, ‘Hail’.

Known for their live performances, the band have successfully channelled their fiery spirit into a studio debut. The previously-released ‘Nothing Left To Lose’ features of course, whilst other favourites ‘Blood & Blue’ and ‘Frienemy’ manage to get you excited with with their gigantic riffs, rumbling basslines, propelling drum beats and melodic choruses. Joe and Elo’s distinctive harmonies add flare and also demonstrate a songwriting maturity.

Franz Ferdinand meets Jungle perhaps, but make no mistake; TKH take their rightful place on the throne, assuring us all of their high-octane, yet orchestrated artistry.

Check out ‘Blood Is Blue’ right here: