Till Death Doom Us Part Festival | Preview


Till Death Doom Us Part (seriously, what a name) is clearly going to be a banger of an event. Running over a full day in Lakota, it features over twenty bands, evenly spread across death and doom, as the name suggests. For a mere twelve quid. Twelve. Quid. Under normal circumstances, we’d happily pay that just to see one of the headliners.

The headliners in question are Primitive Graven Image, who fuse a variety of influences into a furious blackened death sound, and Alunah, who take elements of trad-doom (think Sabbath, Grand Magus, etc), and meld them with more modern groove sounds, in a highly professional manner.

Other notable acts include WAKO (We Are Killing Ourselves), who will be bringing their slick take on progressive death all the way from Portugal, and Ctulu, the German mentalists who will be assaulting our ears with a Lovecraftian wall of sound.

Let’s not be forgetting the local acts, eh? Bristol is very well represented, with Baron Greenback, Alien Stash Tin, Cruelty Circuit and Fever Sea rounding off this amazing day of face-melting noise.

Tickets for this magnificent event on the 1st of June are available from the official website; www.tilldeathdoomuspartfestival.co.uk. We’ve got ours. Have you?

Listen to ‘White Hoarhound’ from Alunah here: