9th April | Trinity

The first words of Tirzah‘s most recent album, Devotion, comfort you has she airily sings, I’ll make you fine, again,” but it makes you wonder why you stopped being fine in the first place. Quoted as saying that the album is a series of love songs, Tirzah’s new tracks feel like the type of love that’s reserved for 3am in a small apartment bedroom with smoke lingering on a window that’s already coated in the film of dozens of cigarettes that came before this moment.

On earlier singles and EPs, with the help of producer Mica Levi, Tirzah composed songs that were more dance and beat focused, but now she moves to a more minimal and stripped-back sound. In a similar vain to artists like FKA Twigs, Tirzah uses imperfections and syncopations to bring an experimental vibe to something that wasn’t quite pop, but felt familiar. The exploration of these slightly out-of-step sounds evoke an unsettled feeling at first, as if you knew how the music was intended to go more so than the performer.

Ultimately, this twist takes the listener off autopilot and engages them in the mellow frequencies and keeps them listening for the next hitch, the next track, the next album and the next gig.

See the video for ‘Affection’ here: