10th February | The Louisiana

Tom Grennan may not yet have an extensive back catalogue, but one set at the Louisiana proves that what he does have is a knack for songwriting that really paints a picture, and a candid stage presence that can’t help but to make you feel like you’re catching up with an old friend down the local. Bounding onto the stage, what’s instantly obvious is his endless energy, of which fuels the rest of the night as he bounces about, casually chatting away and inviting all present to join him for a beer after the show between each gravelly tune.

Opening with guitar in hand for ‘Old Songs’, Tom instantly had the crowd drawn in with his frank and direct acoustic storytelling, reminiscent of a soulful Jamie T, but with the gritty, husky tones of an East-end Paolo Nutini. Even though he claims from the start that his recent touring has his vocal chords giving him grief, any soreness he’s experiencing only adds to his rich blues tone, and in no time he has the room clapping and chanting along with new material ‘Praying’ and ‘Reasons To Run In The Rain’.

Where he really shines is with tracks from his Something In The Water EP, ‘Sweet Hallelujah’ being a slow, stunning number with long drawn-out notes and a deeply textured atmospheric vibe, while title track ‘Something In The Water’ has the whole crowd singing along to every engaging word of it’s upbeat delivery. The contrast between his on-stage personality and smart mouth between songs, to his soulful and intricate lyrics only adds to his charm – really displaying the two sides to the up and coming Bedford boy with a lot to say and a way of saying it that makes anyone who hears it really stop and listen to each and every word.

Check out the live video for ‘Sweet Hallelujah’ below.