After his entrancing performance at Hy-Brazil a few weeks ago, we caught up with electronic music producer and songwriter Tony Njoku to find out about a few tracks that influenced his latest album H.P.A.C.

Tony Njoku is a British-Nigerian electronic music producer and songwriter from London. His self-penned and produced songs have been described as ‘strikingly evocative soundscapes, managing to make even the shortest pop songs sound like epic adventures.’

Tony has previously supported Erased Tapes Records’ Rival Consoles, Anna Von Hausswolff, Jacques and a string of well received headline shows curated by Parallel Lines Promotions and recently touched down in Bristol at Hy-Brazil to deliver a performance the southwest won’t forget. No stranger to a large crowd, Tony has also played the main stage at the 2016 Green Man Festival which was reportedly considered a festival highlight by many viewers including festival director Fiona Stewart and Huw Stephens of BBC Radio 1.

After catching his entrancing performance at Hy-Brazil a few weeks ago, we caught up the producer and songwriter to find out about a few tracks that influenced his latest album H.P.A.C.

Sigur Ros – Svefn-G-Englar

I first heard this song at the age of 14/15, that was about 9-10 years ago. Till this day every time I put it on i’m instantly transported to the first moment I heard Jonsi’s bow guitar around 1:24 minutes in. I don’t remember who recommended them to me at the time but man i’m eternally grateful to whoever it is!

Radiohead – Videotape

I think this song is near perfect. It’s this beautiful mix of an existential disparity that morphs into a pragmatic optimism. It feels good, it’s amazing songwriting.

Nils Frahm – For-Peter-Toilet Brushes-More

Seeing this medley live in 2014 is still one of my most treasures moments in my history of gig going. The track on record is beautiful too, very grand and inspiring. In my humble opinion Nils is one of the most captivating live acts out there, it’s really great that he captures his performances on recording so well!

Arca – Anoche

This track is just beautiful, I’m in awe of Arca’s skills as a producer and was very pleased when these album came out that he ventured into more traditional songwriting. I think more so than the music, watching Arca’s artistic decisions and developments has been incredibility encouraging and liberating. I used to be very anxious to try something outside of what I thought people saw me as and that’s suffocating for an artist. You have to take risks, don’t be scared to do what feels right, be certainly of why you’re doing something and be your true self.

André 3000 – A Life in the Day of Benjamin André

One of my favourite songs ever, André is amazing at painting incredibly detailed imagery through story. He’s an incredible MC and I feel he has a genius level attention to detail. For me this song feels like a psychedelic journey straight into André’s DNA, his origins, you feel like you’re there in the moments he describes.


H.P.A.C. is out now.