27th March | Thekla

Not too far from his hometown in London, William Phillips, aka Tourist, gets set to grace the stage of Thekla for the penultimate show of his 2019 tour. True to his name, this year’s circuit has taken him through the USA, Australia and even a brief stint in Asia, before returning to his UK base.

Touring his 2019 album, Everyday (an album that follows his renowned 2016 breakout, U), we can be sure to expect more of his signature subdued charm: a charm that instils peace despite coming in the form of wavy electronica and UK garage basslines. Add to that a large dose of synth, echoing vocals and an utterly smooth demeanour and we can begin to prepare ourselves for a loaded sensory experience.

That’s exactly what Everyday iswith softer tracks like ‘Affection’, ‘Someone Else’ and ‘Emily’ versus the jungle bassline of ‘Violet’, the infectious ambience will undoubtedly leave us questioning whether we’ve spent the night at a gig, or a meditation class. And lest we forget, Tourist has more than one identity in this industry. He’s also that guy who’s famous for co-writing Sam Smith’s Grammy Award winning, ‘Stay with Me’. There’s no reason to deny that underlying expectation that he himself is on the cusp of being ‘the next big thing’.

See the video for ‘Apollo’ here: