Towers – ‘Ugly Meanings, Beautiful Things’ | EP Review


Since ITV destroyed pop in 2001 (RIP), many guitar bands have tried their utmost to distance themselves from the concept of hooks, or else receive the kind of relentless hate Coldplay and Snow Patrol are on the (constant) receiving end of. In the eyes of the elitist music lover, guitar bands only add hooks once their label demands sales, and every Noel Fielding wannabe on Dalston high street would agree.

But fuck off Dalston, you’re so 2011.

With surprising integrity, Towers have managed to create an EP full of genuinely refreshing tracks, full of innocent charm and a youthful energy.

From the threatening choppiness of Dreams to the deceptively
soothing Lost, Ugly Meanings, Beautiful Things takes you on a
journey of feverish melancholia and soaring guitars.

Embracing pop as a weapon in their arsenal, Lights is an epically
flourishing track, possibly the highlight of this release, sparkling guitars throughout, and with a chorus to match any Kings of Leon anthem, you won’t be able to ignore this band for long.

Towers release their debut EP Ugly Meanings, Beautiful Things at The Thunderbolt, on Friday 3rd of Feb.