♫ So take a good look at my face / Oh, you’ll see my smile looks out of place / If you look a little bit closer, it’s easy to trace / Oh, the tracks of the week ♫

Hinds – The Club

The Spanish four-piece deliver a sharper than usual, but attitude heavy new track. Ana Perrote and Carlotta Cosials both deliver vocals, taking turns to paint the picture of the end of a night out. The guitars are tighter than usual, the vocals less messy, and the effect is a driving piece of garage rock that zeros in exactly on what it wants.

serpentwithfeet – bless ur heart

A beautiful, inventive new song from Baltimore songwriter serpentwithfeet. The track’s intriguing vocal production drops experimental layers over the sparse piano, creating a swirling and tender atmosphere. An absorbing listen.

Parquet Courts – Wide Awake

Warning: Parquets have gone funk. Well, as funk as you can expect the band to go, but god damn, this is pretty funky. With a grooving, looping bassline, accented by chiming percussion, the song is an absolute riot. The new record is looking more and more exciting.

Peluché – Keep Making Me Happy

A hypnotic, enthralling psych jam from Peluché. Stabs of synths dance with layers of reverb, whilst slowly ringing guitars cut through the splash of cymbals. The vocals are similarly looping and swirling, their high, breathy quality meaning they are absorbed into the textures.

Lawn – 2000 Boy

The first track from New Orleans duo Lawn’s debut album Blood on the Tracks. Released on Forged Artefacts, mixes dreamy, relaxed guitar, with sudden stabs of clarity. With the minimal drumming, the duo’s intricate guitar playing takes centre-stage, along with their beautiful harmonies. A sunny, warm song that pulls in both old and new into a brilliantly personal snapshot.

Something Anorak – And in The Current State

Bristol Live favourites for a while now, two-piece Something Anorak bring back their hazy, pulsating mix of garage-rock. ‘And in the Current State’ is distinctly them – the pounding, simple drums, crunching guitars and delicate vocals are all present – but there’s a crispness and directness to the tracks recording that sets it apart from their previous material. The fog that swirls around some of their earlier recording is gone, and in its place we can hear the band’s intricacies properly for the first time.

The Golden Dregs – Adaptation

Some wild, blues-influenced guitar-rock from The Golden Dregs, released via Art is Hard. With the steam-train of an intro and 12 bar-blues guitar work all the way through, the track sounds like it should have been born out of a dusty southern-state bar, but instead tells the small-town stories of Falmouth. A wonderfully energetic piece.

Boys – End of Time

Sounding like a 50’s highschool heartbreak song run through a bunch of synths, Sweden’s Boys creates a sonically expansive and fresh piece with classic roots. The echo-drenched vocals mix with punchy bass throbs, whilst arpeggiated synths glisten and glide. Brilliantly experimental pop.

Vince Staples – Get The Fuck Off My Dick

Ok, so this is basically a meme, but because it’s Vince Staples it’s still pretty great. For context: Vince announced via twitter the other day that if people who didn’t like him were able to raise $2million he would stop doing music altogether, going as far to start a GoFundMe called, you guessed it, ‘Get the Fuck Off My Dick’. It currently only has a few thousand dollars in it, so looks like Vince isn’t going to be stopping anytime soon, and on the strength of this song, it’s a pretty good thing he isn’t.

Check back next week for more of our favourite new songs.